Sunday, March 8, 2015


The purpose of this blog is to allow for easy access to purchasing my craft items. When a new item comes available, I will add it to the blog and provide information on how to purchase through Paypal.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bridget the Maltipoo

I am tickled about as pink as Bridget's bows with this little creation.  She's a green-eyed beauty (perhaps in need of some loving groomer's attention?) and comes with her own little registration tag attached to her collar.  You can adopt wee Bridget for only $10 plus shipping.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby blanket

To me, there isn't much more special than wrapping a newborn up in a handmade baby blanket. These blankets are made with chunky, baby soft yarn and are approximately 32" by 32" square. Please send me a message if you would like to request a larger blanket or have any other specific requests. The first picture is using yarn that changes colours on an uneven gradient, so the pattern is created by whatever colour appears in the yarn at random. The second and third pictures are of a blanket that alternates solid colours. Choose below whether you would like an embellishment in the center, and please specify whether you would like a solid colour, gradient colour, or alternating colour blanket on the order form. You can get a blanket with an embellishment for $35 plus shipping or without an embellishment for only $30 plus shipping.


Little lion chub

Most baby lions are called "cubs", but this guy has earned the name "chub". He eats and eats and just prays his mane will still wrap all the way around him. He has no interest in living an on-the-go lifestyle, so keep in mind that he's quite the homebody if you want to adopt him! If this sounds like just the chub for you, you can take him home for only $10 plus shipping.


This little panda has a big head but a skinny neck. He hides this fact with his favourite red scarf, balancing his act. I don't know what his plan for summer is, though! You can get your own panda and find out for $15 plus shipping.

Little owl

Little Allen the owl feels so much more secure with his big brother lamp, but he is determined to become a world traveler in his own right. He might be comforted by the fact that his big sister will be soon joining him on this site and he won't have to fly solo anymore. Allen is available for $10 plus shipping.

Horton the elephant

What big ears you have! Because Horton was my first completed project, he managed to escape my grips without eyes. Have no fear, any future Hortons will be able to see and hear. Who would like to have one of their very own for $10 plus shipping?

Garden gnome

This gnome has a round belly and rosy cheeks. He comes with his own patch of land, which gives him a title in some places! If you buy him, maybe you get a title, too? Either way, he comes with a mushroom and flower because he's into horticulture and hopes it will help him find a lady gnome to share his plot. Perhaps, he'll find a mate soon? You can give him a home for $20 plus shipping.

Baby hippo

This little one was made for my little one -- my miniature dachshund, Zoe, that is. She has had a love for hippos ever since my mother gave her a Pillow Pal hippo to cuddle with on long car trips. The one in the picture isn't perfect after a few days with Zoe, but it shows me that my stitches can take a little rough-handling. You can get a hippo for yourself or a baby -- furry or otherwise -- for $10 plus shipping.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glas the turtle

Glas is the third turtle to come into my life -- after my real girls, Midori and Verde. Glas means "green" in Irish, which is fitting since he was created on St. Patrick's Day. His waistcoat holds his shell onto his body for safe keeping, though the buttons are a little fiddly for his stumpy legs. If you prefer, his shell can be attached and non-removable with no waistcoat to worry over. He is available for $20 plus shipping for the working waistcost, or $17 plus shipping for a non-removable shell.